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Carpet Cleaning Services

Your carpeting takes a lot of abuse. In the winter, wet, snowy and muddy boots can leave an unsightly trail of dirt behind. In the summer, children, pets and everyday foot traffic can wear a path right through the middle of your living room. Nothing else can affect the appearance of your home like your carpeting. No matter how much you vacuum or use your home cleaners, you just can’t seem to return your carpet back to its original color. That’s when it’s time to turn to ServiceMaster by American restoration Services, the experts in providing carpet cleaning services in Long Island, New York.

Maintaining Your Carpets

It’s suggested your carpets should be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months if you want to maintain their appearance. You can try to do it yourself or rent equipment, but most rented cleaning equipment leaves your carpet wet with detergent residue.

Our Long Island carpet cleaners utilize state-of-the-art equipment to remove dirt, detergent and moisture from your carpeting and restore it to its fresh, clean look. Our experienced technicians will safely and effectively clean your carpets, deep down, removing filth, dust mites, stains, allergens and odors. We work to your specifications and guarantee the job is done right or we’ll do it over.

Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Service Process

First, we’ll inspect your carpets to determine which is the best cleaning method for them. Stubborn spots and stains are no problem for our technicians. Typically, we will pre-treat the discolorations and apply our professional-grade cleaning products to loosen up ground-in soil.

We rinse your carpet with clear hot water and go over it again to treat any residual stains. We also check for efficient and uniform drying. To protect the legs of your furniture from damage or staining the carpet during the drying process, we place pads underneath them.

Once the process is done, we consult with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the project.

Our Related Cleaning Services

We also offer Green Cleaning for your carpets, which is just as effective as traditional carpet cleaning, but is odorless and solvent-free. We ensure that our cleaning solutions are both safe and environmentally-friendly.

We also provide cleaning services for hard surfaces such as real wood floors and tiling. We also offer cleaning for your upholstery and furniture, as well.

We know that your carpeting is one of the most valuable investments in your home. ServiceMaster by American Restoration Services will restore the beauty and life back into your dull, dreary carpeting. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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